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Anonymous asked: What band is it?

they’re called NO CEREMONY/// here’s the link GO LISTEN 

hey i found a really rad new band nd their music is fantastic should go listen and tell me what you think


Goin’ green.

// X //

Vance Joy - From Afar

Well I’ve been living on the crumbs of your love
and I’m starving now

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DIY, September 2014

hellobabysimmons asked: I CONfess that i love ur face nd u r everythng to me


wait but i should be confessing that to you  because it’s truuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeee


why do i always look, feel, and act like a potato

maybe ur descended from potato ancestors

or ur just a potato pretending to be a human

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Well this is kind of a lie I’m not quite at 250 yet but I’m impatient. I’ve had this blog for about two and a half months now and it’s been great, so I’d like to give back to some of the best blogs I follow with a promo! Also I don’t own any of the photos I used for the awful edit.
best url
best theme
best icon
best bastille blog
best multi-band blog
and probably more
mbf me
reblog this post
likes don’t count but you can like it for reference
ends on September 20th
this must get like 25 notes or it never happened and we don’t speak of it again 
Have at it kiddos! You can message me if you have any questions.


Hello. X


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k i look like a mass murderer but whatever happy friday, stormers